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Go For The Best Economy Car Rental In Dubai With Babil Rent A Car

Planning a budget trip to Dubai? Confused about where you can get cheap economy car rental Dubai options securely? Well, now that you’re here, say goodbye to those pesky worries. Babil Rent a Car brings to its valued customers the best of economy car rental in Dubai. We have for you an array of sturdy cars from trusted brands that come at unbelievably low prices! Yes, you read that right. At Babil Rent a Car we have something for all your rental needs and that includes pocket-friendly cars in top condition. With us, you won’t have to worry about whether your economy rental will let you down, because your comfort is our priority and we can vouch for all the cars we have listed being in great condition. So go on, browse our list of super affordable economy rentals and choose your pick right away!

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AED 350
Kia Carnival 2023

Insurance Included
Petrol Vehicle
AED 354
Ford Explorer 2022

Insurance Included
Petrol Vehicle

Here's Why You Should Choose Babil Rent a Car for Your Economy Car Rental in Dubai

Great Variety of Cheap Economy Car Rental Dubai Options

Economy car rentals have never been this fun! At Babil Rent a Car we don’t just cater to your luxury dreams but also to your budget needs with equal dedication. We have a number of superb economy rental cars from trusted brands, all in top shape and ready to roar. Choose from options like the sturdy Nissan Altima, the fun Kia Sportage, the spacious Chevrolet Captiva 7-seater, the classy Ford Bronco or the sleek Hyundai Sonata. All of these brilliant cars and a ton of others can be yours at the click of a button at Babil Rent a Car. Simply choose your favorite option for your economy car rental in Dubai and contact us to book it.

24/7 On-road Support
As we mentioned, Babil Rent a Car prioritizes your needs above all else and if you choose to rent a car from us, whatever the make or model, we have you covered 24/7. Our rental experience doesn’t end when we hand over the car keys to you. In fact, that’s where it is just beginning. If you’re in need of any on-road assistance, or even if you need to extend your rental or simply clarify something, just reach out to us via call or email and we’ll have our dedicated customer service executives talking to you to resolve your issue in no time.
Unbelievable Rates and Discounts
Now, this is potentially the most important bit of all – the pricing, so read on. Babil Rent a Car doesn’t just bring to you some beautiful economy rental options, all of these are available at insanely competitive prices. For instance, the Nissan Altima can be yours for just AED 130 a day, while the Hyundai Elantra comes at AED 170 daily, the Kia Seltos is available at AED 160 for a day and the Chevrolet Captiva can be rented for AED 170. What’s more, if you go for monthly rentals you can get further discounts on these prices! So choose Babil Rent a Car for your economy car rental in Dubai and get ready for a great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Economy Car Rental Dubai

At Babil Rent a Car we provide you with a plethora of great economy rental options to choose from and yes, we have top-rated SUVs in our economy segment as well. You can visit our website and browse the economy cars available and pick one that best fits your requirements. Economy SUV options include the spacious Chevrolet Captiva which is a 7 seater car and comes in multiple color options.

While we have some of the best options of economy car rental in Dubai for you, our luxury and premium cars could also be worth checking out. We have suave luxury cars, fast sports cars, premium SUVs, sleek convertibles and more in our premium rental options. Simply visit our website and check out the huge collection of sophisticated luxury vehicles on offer for you to sample.

Booking your economy rental with us at Babil Rent a Car is a quick and easy process. Visit our website, browse from the variety of economy rentals on offer, pick the one that appeals the most to you and contact us directly to book your rental straight away. Quick tip – advance booking means more discounts! You’ll need to complete the mandatory documentation so don’t forget to keep a valid ID proof and driver’s license handy if you’re a UAE resident. If you’re a foreign national, a copy of your passport and travel visa along with an international driving permit will be required.

You most certainly can get a discount on your economy rental at Babil Rent a Car! Book a weekly or monthly rental to get superb discounts on cumulative pricing. Also, we have some special discounts for you if you are a student, scholar, doctor, RTA staff, police personnel or a member of the Emirates crew! So go ahead and book your rental with us already.

At Babil Rent a Car we have a standard daily mileage limit of 250 km. For our economy rentals, an additional charge of AED 1 per km is applicable should you exceed the given limit.

Yes, at Babil Rent a Car, your economy car rental in Dubai comes with included basic comprehensive insurance. This means we ensure that you don’t need to pay us anything extra for your insurance needs to facilitate an affordable and seamless rental experience.